The INLAND Landscape Architecture Studio was founded in Florence in 1999 by the architect Andrea Meli. The Studio mainly works in the field of landscape architecture, design of public spaces and green areas, evaluation studies, landscape planning, environmental mitigation and natural recovery. INLAND collaborates with professionals specialized in different fields related to the landscape architecture, with the aim to enhance the professional, technical and scientific skills in a multi-disciplinary scenario. 


Andrea Meli



Architect, member of the INLAND Studio. She earned the Master Degree in Architecture in 2009 from the University of Florence, with a thesis concerning the landscape design of a urban park in Florence. She has been working at the INLAND Studio since 2010 as a professional, where she mainly deals with architectural and landscape design both for private and public institutions. Her field of interest is the design of urban parks, with particular reference to contemporary landscape design in France, main field of her applied research. She is currently the technical secretary for the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture.

Roberto Guidi
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Caterina Biancoli
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Tommaso Loiacono
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Laura Tinarelli
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Viola Cirigliano



Architect, founder and owner of the INLAND Studio. He has been working in the landscape architecture field since 1999. He is a Member of AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture) since 2002. He is a postgraduate in Garden Design and Landscape Architecture at the University of Florence. He works in the design of green public spaces, environmental impact assessment, recovery of degraded areas, environmental studies. His specific field of interest is the design and planning of natural and semi-natural periurban landscape and wetlands. He's a qualified consultant for different public institutions. He's a Professor at the Master in Landscape Architecture of the University of Florence. He is currently the Treasurer of the Italian Association of Landscape Architects.



Architect, he graduated with a thesis in Urban Design at the University of Florence in 2008. He has been working as a freelancer since 2009, both individually and in other professional offices, dealing with social housing, public spaces designing and safety on construction sites. Since 2017 he has worked stably with the INLAND studio where he deals with architectural and urban planning. In this context, he works as an architect, declining design and composition as a tool for researching the relationship between built environment, landscape and nature.



Landscape architect, she's grown between the countryside and the sea in the south of Italy. Since a child she develop the interest in nature and environment, thank's to the passion grown in the family nursery. She move on Emilia Romagna to earn the bachelor degree in Ornamental Plant and Landscape Protection in the University of Bologna. To improve her knowledge she continue her studies in the University of Florence where she specializes in Landscape Architecture in 2017. She is a member of AIAPP since 2018 and work at the INLAND Studio, where she mainly deals with landscape design and landscape redevelopment.



Landscape architect. After his studies in Architectural Sciences he develops interest in this discipline and he graduates at the University of Florence in Landscape Architecture in 2017. Since 2018 he carries out professional activities collaborating with the INLAND Studio and he is currently technical secretary for the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture. Inside the working process, concurrently with the design , his fields of interest are three-dimensional modeling, layout and graphic design communication.



Doctor in Landscape Architecture, she's born and grown in the Bologna's countryside, she earned the bachelor degree in Ornamental Plant and Landscape Protection in 2014 in the University of Bologna. In 2017 she earn the Master degree in Landscape Architecture in the University of Florence. She has done stage and works in agricoltural, forestal and nursery contexts and since 2018 she work at the INLAND Studio as a professional and researcher in landscape design, and improve her knowledge in using GIS applied to environmental management. Her field of interest concern botany, vegetal consociations and management of protected natural areas.

worked whit us:

Roberto Acciaro, Debora Agostini, Paola Baldari, Davide Bettini, Enrica Campus, Marco Nieves Cardoso, Cristina Castelli, Marco Cei, Alberto Chiti-Batelli, Lorenzo Ciofi, Enrico Francesconi, Niccolò Galli, Anna Lambertini, Barbara Lastrucci, Catia Lenzi, Emanuela Loi, Tessa Matteini, Emanuela Morelli, Elena Moretti, Marco Mucini, Michela Nardini, Gabriele Paolinelli, Valeria Santoro, Johan Soderkvist, Antonella Valentini, Matteo Vallauri, Cecilia Caldini, Gianna Galgani, Lorenza Fortuna, Marinella Carrieri, Sara Melia, Francesca Granci, Giulia Mancini

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